InSolves Associates is a cadre of recognized industry professionals.

Or associates possess expertise related to the nuclear fuel cycle that are focused on solving challenging problems related to safe de-commissioning of nuclear facilities, effective measurement of uranium material, protection and non-proliferation of nuclear technology and material, and nuclear safeguards by design.

At InSolves, We Are…

  • Recruiting the next generation of nuclear professionals
  • Developing new technical solutions built on sound science
  • Fostering collaborative solutions through relationships with National Laboratories and world-class academic institutions

Our Associates

Brent McGinnis, Senior Associate, is a nuclear safeguards specialist with 20+ years experience in domestic and international nuclear safeguards. His experience includes NDA program management, coordinating bilateral safeguards cooperation between the United States and partner countries, and nuclear material control and accounting expertise.
J. Scott Little, Ph.D. is a theoretical physicist that has extensive mathematical modeling experience. This includes complex operations modeling and analysis for uranium enrichment plants and Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (MCNP) modeling for nondestructive assay systems. He has also conducted research and development on advanced enrichment technology, as well as various aspects of physics, and has regulatory oversight experience.
Tom Price is a Chemical Engineer, Mathematician and Environmental Manager with operational analysis expertise and design experience of chemical, diffusion, and centrifuge instrumentation and plant systems.
Bob Warren is a Chemical Engineer with 32 years experience in the uranium enrichment industry. Subject matter expert in operations analysis with an in-depth knowledge of both gaseous diffusion and gas centrifuge enrichment processes.
Ralph Wilcoxon is a Chemical Engineer with 37 years experience in engineering, technical and business management — including development, design, procurement, startup testing, and operations support for the uranium enrichment industry.
Randy Blevins is a Chemist with 36 years of experience in mass spectrometry analysis and maintenance and a recognized expert in development of uranium isotopic reference standards.