Quality Assurance

InSolves implements a full NQA-1 – 2008 with 2009 Addenda QA Program for all scopes of work associated with nuclear facilities.

Our program can meet any NRC or DOE-regulated scope of work.  InSolves can implement customer requirements for commercial grade dedication, suspect/counterfeit item prevention, and 10 CFR Part 21.

For non-nuclear scopes of work, InSolves implements a full ISO 9001:2015 QA Program.

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Specialty Manufacturing

InSolves delivers effective solutions to challenging analytical, process, and safety instrumentation and equipment problems.

We can build to customer specifications, or develop specialized solutions.

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* Gallery does not include various instruments and process equipment related to uranium enrichment cascade feed, withdraw, centrifuge controls, and UF6 process analyzers due to export control and other classification restrictions.

Technical Staffing
and Security Escorts

Our services provide a cost effective method to retain critical expertise and prepare the next generation of trained workers for an industry important to our national interests.

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  • Nuclear, Nuclear Safety Engineers

  • Draftsmen/Designers

  • Authorized Derivative Classifiers

  • Technical Trainers

  • Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical Engineers

  • Instrumentation Engineers

  • Process Control, PLC, Project Engineers

  • Information Technology Specialists

  • Records Management & Documentation Control Specialists

  • Contract/Procurement Specialists

  • QA/QC Auditors

  • Project Controls

  • Project Managers

InSolves Associates

InSolves Associates is a cadre of recognized industry professionals with expertise related to the nuclear fuel cycle.

They are focused on solving difficult problems related to safe and efficient operation, maintenance and de-commissioning of nuclear facilities, effective measurement of uranium material, protection and non-proliferation of nuclear technology and material, and nuclear safeguards by design.

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Jim Morgan, Senior Associate, is a Control Systems Engineer with 32 years experience in plant management, program management, and enrichment technology preparing engineering designs, project management plans, strategic plans and project support documentation for safeguards and security, as well as non-proliferation projects. He has extensive leadership experience in developing strategic plans for centrifuge enrichment designs, licensing support and deployment planning.
Brent McGinnis, Senior Associate, is Program Manager for domestic and international safeguards projects. He coordinates the development of safeguards and security methodologies and training programs for the U. S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration’s International Nuclear Safeguards and International Nuclear Security Programs. This includes providing technical support to projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other Agencies and Institutions in the European Union, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, several countries in Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.
Gary Workman, Associate, has 33 years of experience in senior management, program management, and project management in the Uranium Enrichment business. He has extensive leadership experience in strategic planning, regulatory and government relations along with management experience in the areas of security, IT, emergency management, NDA Operations, laboratory operations, industrial safety, environmental compliance, waste management, industrial hygiene, health physics, UF6 operations, engineering project management, and DOE/NRC regulatory affairs.

For more than 20 years, InSolves has been a technical service provider to the nuclear fuel cycle industry and US Department of Energy project sites.

InSolves is a great place to begin your career, advance your career through challenging new assignments, or extend your working years through temporary assignments or part-time service. InSolves offers a wide range of positions through a variety of contracts at multiple locations.

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